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Our Team

GENERAL Management &
SCientific team
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Wharton-educated seasoned innovator, entrepreneur, and investor who is the Chairman and Founding Managing Director of EVX Ventures, Group President & CEO of Esco group, as well as co-founder of multiple biotech startups, including PairX Bio and Carmine Therapeutics.


Vice-President, Chemistry

Rajendra Pandey,PHD

A pioneer in nucleic acid therapeutics at Alnylam Pharmaceuticals and held senior leadership positions at prominent pharmaceutical companies including Aligos Therapeutics, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals. Co-author of 27 scientific publications and co-inventor on 22 issued or pending patents.

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Senior Director, Biology

Si hui tan,PHD

Stanford-educated cancer biologist with publications in Nature and Science and more than 10 years’ research experience in cancer, stem cell and regeneration. In recognition of her outstanding research, she was awarded several grants and the President’s Young Scientist Award.

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Director, Preclinical Development

Caiyun Deng,PHD

Preclinical development specialist with experience in preclinical development and IND application for various therapeutic modalities including monoclonal antibodies, small molecules, and small nucleic acids. Recipient of multiple competitive research grants and co-author on several international peer-reviewed research articles.


Chief Executive Officer

Kathy He

Seasoned and insightful biopharmaceutical industry executive with over 20 years of experience in helping to grow multiple global companies, leading many successful strategic collaborations and fundraising events. Extensive US and China cross-border business leadership experience in start-ups and MNCs, including at Kira Pharmaceuticals, Abbisko Therapeutics, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Merck & Co. and Abbott Labs.


Senior Advisor

Sergei m. gryaznov,PHD

A leader in nucleic acid therapeutics who held key leadership roles in Janssen Pharma (part of Johnson and Johnson family of companies), Geron Corporation and MAIA Bio-technology. Co-author of more than 120 scientific publications and co-inventor on more than 50 issued or pending patents.


Director, Chemistry

Sissi lin,PHD

US-trained organic chemist with extensive research experience in nucleic acid chemistry and biomedical application of nucleic acids. Co-author of multiple scientific publications and co-inventor on several patents.


Senior Director, Finance

Eileen Wang

Financial and accounting expert with more than 15 years of experience in the corporate financing arena, with responsibilities ranging from auditing and internal control, to corporate fundraising and M&A deals, while working in multinational as well as private companies.

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Chief Scientific Officer

Yann Chong Tan,Phd

Stanford-educated serial entrepreneur and a successful inventor with extensive experience in the biotech space, who co-founded and held senior leadership roles in Atreca, a Nasdaq-listed biotech, and Nuevocor.


Director, Research

binxia yang,PHD

MD/PhD scientist with more than 10 years of experience in iPSC and translational regenerative medicine. Co-author of 15 scientific publications and co-developer of multiple technologies and therapies related to eye disease and oncology.


Associate Director, Operations and Project Management

Marcus tan,PHD

Harvard-educated life science and medtech/biotech professional with more than 15 years’ experience in biological research, technology scouting as well as product and clinical management. Co-author of multiple scientific publications.

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Scientific Advisor

Professor Harvey Lodish

Founding Member of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, as well as Professor of Biology and a Professor of Biological Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Elected into the US National Academy of Sciences.


Scientific Advisor

Professor Scott Friedman

Dean for Therapeutic Discovery and Chief of the Division of Liver Diseases, at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. A pioneer in the research of chronic liver disease-induced fibrosis and hepatic stellate cell and has received numerous awards for his contributions including the International Hans Popper Award by the Falk Foundation, International Hans Popper the EASL International Recognition Awards, the AASLD Distinguished Award and the American Liver Foundation Distinguished Award


Scientific Advisor

Torsten wuestefeld,phd

Seasoned scientist with over 2 decades of target discovery experience for liver diseases. Principal Investigator at Genome Institute of Singapore (GIS, A*STAR)

Su Xinyi_Photo_2022_cropped.jpg

Scientific Advisor


Graduated from University of Cambridge, Xinyi is a Clinician-Scientist, Retinal Surgeon and Research Director at the Department of Ophthalmology, National University of Singapore (NUS). As Divisional Director and Senior Principal Investigator at Institute of Molecular Cell Biology (IMCB, A*STAR), her lab's research interests are in developing biomaterials, translational stem cell and nucleic acid therapeutics for degenerative retinal diseases.

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Scientific Advisor

Professor Stuart forbes

Chair of Transplantation and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and  Director of the MRC Centre for Regenerative Medicine, Edinburgh University and a Hepatologist Consultant at the Scottish Liver Transplant Unit, Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh. An expert in liver regeneration and liver diseases who has been researching into cell therapies for liver diseases.

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